We are investors, technical co-founders & a product team for early stage startups.

We back first-time/non-technical/solo founders with deep industry experience, connections & a great insight. We have built and scaled multiple startups including a 100M exit. With our decades of experience in building and scaling startups, we take care of product & technology so founders can focus on growth.
About Us

Builders For Builders

We love startups, our passion is building products and product teams for startups.

Our founding partners, Shaun and Senthil, have a proven track record, having built and scaled products for numerous startups, including one with a notable 100M exit.

With decades of combined experience in developing and growing startups, we offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise to lean on. Let us be part of your journey to success.

Startups a year
Builders with maniacal sense of urgency
Weeks to build & launch
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More than capital


Funding for pre-seed startups is hard to come by because of the high risk involved. It is even harder for non-technical/solo founders to raise money. We are here to change that. We invest up to 100K USD in pre-seed, pre-product startups.

Founding Product Team

A great idea isn't enough; startups often fail by building too soon, focusing on the wrong things, or taking too long to build. Our expertise comes from successfully building and scaling multiple startups, learning firsthand what works and what doesn't. We leverage this experience to accelerate your journey to market, helping you build effectively and efficiently from the start.

Hire Your Team

As your investor, we have a vested interest in your growth and we know the right people make all the difference. Leveraging our experience in scaling product teams and our network of recruiting partners, we help startups identify and hire the best talent for their unique needs.

Office Hours

Open to all founders, whether part of our portfolio or not. We're here for you to discuss and refine your ideas. With our wealth of experience, we're ready for a quick chat anytime you need guidance or just someone to brainstorm with. Click here to schedule a call..

Here from our founders


Because Sprint1 handled the product and technology side of the house, we were able to focus on our sales pipeline and hitting our revenue goals. They invested in our startup early on as they quickly discovered our interests aligned. We’ve been going strong since day 1.
Dr. Tom Webber
Dr. Tom Webber
Founder, MD ORTHO System
I got the best advice from Sprint1. They told me building a minimum viable product (MVP) is expensive and before I invest a penny in technology, I should prove the process works manually first. We learned a lot through our first few manual beta customers and were able to use that learning to build a scalable MVP without busting our budget.
Terri Herrmann
Terri Herrmann
Founder | CEO, CharismaQ

Get funding & 10X team to build & grow your startup.

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